4 Credible Explanations Why Girls Prefer Advanced Razors Over Waxing

Gone are the days when girls would rush to salons at the end of every month or possibly a week to wax their bodies or faces. Girls of this age seem to be comparatively blessed as they are bombarded with endless options in terms of choosing hair removal options. Waxing, tweezing, depilatories, shaving, threading, DIY methods, you name it (oops... google), "there's something for everyone" to get rid of that peach fuzz our bodies are sometimes born with. However, one iconic hair removal tool that is gradually becoming a variant among the horde of urban women is, well, a no-brainer, "shaving" residue, which has historically been applied incorrectly in one way or another. Yes, we are as curious as you are to know why and how. Below are some tips that will help us with this. Let's find out!

It's painless!

Admit it, waxing or plucking hurts. In contrast, shaving is a completely painless hair removal method because the method only removes the surface hair follicles and leaves the roots intact. Because shaving is said to exfoliate the skin, it leaves your skin looking as hydrated and smooth as you see it on your Instagram feeds. And what's more Now there are razors with moisturizing pads infused with aloe vera and coconut that are readily available in the market to instantly soothe the skin after shaving. An absolute victory, we say!

Stop waiting!

Yeah, we've all had days where we couldn't put on "the little black dress" just because it was time for our waxing appointment, and walking around with teenage fuzz obviously wasn't an option either. In such conditions, shaving is absolutely the winner. Thanks to high-quality portable razors that you can take anywhere. With the ability to be done at any time, for any size of hair growth, even in a public restroom, using this shaver makes life super convenient for girls on the go.

Shave to save!

Most of us dread going to the salon because of the impact it leaves on our pockets. Well, we've got the information: Using razors can cut our beauty bills nearly in half. This is because it can be achieved with skinless razors that are a godsend for your skin and come with never-before-seen features like an ergonomic handle, lubricating strip, etc. A good quality razor will outlast your next two waxing appointments and cost a lot less, too.

Today, after we are behind a terrible pandemic and everyone is trying to get their lives back on screen, including women who want to win in all walks of their lives, there is a good reason why shaving makes your job easier by give them a smooth appearance. , a clean shave blesses your pores and skin, making makeup look flawless and skincare products work better too whenever they need it. Result? Ramp-ready skin confident enough to face the world with a smile again.

We hope the above points have given you an idea of why even the best second page influencers take the “shave route” while pausing their hectic waxing periods. We mean, we predict that it is an attempt; What do you think? Let us know.


The opinions expressed above are of a personal nature of the author.